Stocking up landscape yard for spring

Welcome to Spring time!  We are excited and ready for a fun filled and exciting Landscaping Season.  Our team is working hard to get stocked up on inventory and visiting vendor held events to learn about new products being offered.

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Rubber Mulch Comming Soon!

We have been approach by multiple suppliers of Rubber mulch that does not fade in time. This mulch is wire free and will stand up to the elements.

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Ides of March

Ides of March is here!  Time will tell if spring is here or if we have a few more weeks of Winter to put up with.  Our team worked hard this winter helping customers with snow removal and keeping business safe and accessible.

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Snow Snow Snow

Enjoying the snow and keeping busy!  If you require any snow removal needs we are here to help. Stay safe this winter.

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How to control Ice – when to use salt vs rock chip

As we learn, we also like to teach!  Our team uses ice melt in a variety of ways but our approach may help you this winter.

Rock chip – we use this as a spread after completing ice removal, this helps to ensure ice does not build up to be smooth and slippery.

Ice Melt – our team spreads this before completing ice removal.  The salt breaks up and begins the melting of the ice.  This allows for us to chip it away and haul it our easier.

Pro Tip:  clean up any left over ice melt, this well help to discourage more ice from forming as new snow falls come.  Rock chip should be spread on bare concrete to help prevent ice build up.

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welcome to winter

Welcome to Winter!  Devonian Landscape is excited and ready to fulfill your snow removal needs.  Give us a call for a quote.

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